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Congratulations to the WWHSHL 2018-19 Players of the Week!

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Week ending March 1:

  • CTV Division 1:  Lindsey Kiliwnik, St. Mary's Flames, Forward #3

Lindsey’s performance in the semi-final series was instrumental in helping the Flames advance to the Championship round. In the opening game, Lindsey scored the first goal, assisted the second and contributed to drawing two penalties which led to a power play goal,  helping the Flames claim a 5-0 win over the CJS Olympiens. In game 2, Lindsey scored the Flames second goal which gave them the lead, never relinquished, for a hard fought 3-2 game win to clinch the series.  Congratulations Lindsey! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2:  Mercedes Ward, CSHC Huskies, Goalie #35

Mercedes had a hot hand in a tough 3 game series against the Beliveau Barracudas. Game 1 went to a shootout with Mercedes stopping 15 of 17 shots in a tough 3-2 loss. In game 2, Mercedes stepped up her magic in the net, stopping 17 quality shots for a close 2-1 win forcing game three.  In the deciding game, Mercedes stopped 21 of 23 shots and made some key saves in the opening period which led to a convincing 9-2 win for the Huskies.  Congratulations Mercedes! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3:  Colleen Early, Springfield Sabres, Forward #12

Colleen was a major contributor to the Sabres winning the semi-final series in 2 games.  In game one, Colleen scored a goal and added an assist, and was hard on the forecheck causing turnovers in the offensive zone, leading to a 4-1 victory over the CPET Canadiennes. In game 2, the CPET Canadiennes came out hard and put the pressure on the Sabres, however, Colleen scored the opening goal and assisted on the second and third for a hard fought 3-2 Sabres game and series win. Congratulations Colleen!


Week ending February 22:

  • CTV Division 1: Rayley Goetz, Selkirk Royals, Forward #18

Rayley was a dominant force in the Royals Quarter Final series win over the Kelvin Clippers. In game 1, a 4-3 loss, Rayley had a solid game, very effective in her own zone and scoring 2 goals. In game 2, she scored one of four team goals to secure a series tying win. In the all-important game 3, Rayley put her team on her back offensively, scoring a hattrick to secure a 4-2 series win.  The Royals will advance to the semi-final playoff round next week.  Congratulations Rayley! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Kate Stewart, Miles Mac Buckeyes, Forward #7

Kate had an incredible performance during the Quarter Final series vs the Garden City Gophers. In game 1, Kate scored 2 goals in the hard fought 4-3 win. In game 2, a 1-0 loss, Kate worked hard to break through the Gophers defense to no avail. In the deciding game, Kate showed her offensive skills, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists. For the Buckeyes first goal, Kate took the puck through the neutral zone, drove hard, collapsed the defence and then worked the puck back to the point to create a better scoring chance for her team. Congratulations Kate. 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Janvier Trudel, CPET Canadiennes, Goalie #31

Janvier played a major role in helping her team advance to the Semi Finals this week.  In game 2 of the Quarter Final series she shut down the KE Reivers, stopping all 34 shots including several highlight reel quality saves to secure a close 1-0 series win. The Canadiennes won the series due in part to her tremendous performance, quick movements and the ability to follow the puck. Bravo Janvier!


Week ending February 15:

  • CTV Division 1: Martina Barclay, Kelvin Clippers, Forward #20 

Come playoff time the scorers must score for the team win, and Martina did just that.  In game 1 of the Qualifying Round against the Dakota Lancers, Martina scored two power play goals, one unassisted. In game 2, she was held scoreless as the Lancers tied up the series with a 6-1 win. However, in a nail biting third game, Martina dazzled the fans, pumping in Kelvin's only 2 goals for the Clippers 2-1 win.  Congratulations Martina! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Caitlynn Griffin, Garden City Gophers, Forward #13 

During the Qualifying Series this week, Caitlynn made a significant contribution to her team’s back to back victories over the JH Bruns Broncos.  In game 1, despite two and half scoreless periods, Caitlynn persisted to score the lone goal to claim the Gophers 1-0 victory.  In game 2, Caitlynn adeptly worked the ice alongside her teammates, picking up another goal and an assist in her team’s 6-2 series win. Congratulations Caitlynn! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Jessica Emms, Murdoch MacKay Clansmen, Forward #14 

During this Quarter Final series, Jessica was an important link, inspiring her team to come together and play their best. Game 1 against the WKC Wolverines was hard fought but the Clansmen squeaked by to earn a 2-0 win with Jessica scoring the second goal.  In game 2, Jessica word hard forechecking and backchecking, creating scoring chances and a goal in Clansmen’s 4-0 series win. Congratulations Jessica!


Week ending February 8:

  • CTV Division 1: Risa Shatford, Dakota Lancers, Forward #12

Risa had a monster performance to end regular season. She started with a goal and a helper in the Lancers 5-2 win over the Sanford Sabres on Wednesday. The following day, Risa’s skilled, hot hands almost single handedly led to her team’s nail biting 5-4 OT win over the PCI Saints, with Risa scoring 4 of 5 goals including the game winner; a blistering shot from the top of the circles in for the OT win. Risa is the Dakota Lancers scoring leader this season with 30 points.  Congratulations Risa!! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Kaitlynn Anderson, River East, Forward #4

Kaitlynn’s forward momentum propelled the Reivers to their 6-3 win Tuesday over the Lorette Scorpions.  Kaitlynn assisted a goal in the second period, which ended in a 3-3 tie, and then the third period was her time to shine.  Kaitynn notched the game winner at the start of the third, then an unassisted goal mid-way, and assisted the sixth goal for a strong finish to the season.  Kaitlynn has 38 points for the season.  Congratulations Kaitlynn! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Emily Fontaine, KE Reivers, Forward #2

In the Reivers final game of the season, Emily got on the game sheet three times, scoring the game winning goal and two assists to help secure the Reivers 6-1 win over the WKC Wolverines this week. Emily’s quick thinking and great vision of the ice led her to set up her teammates with target passes to create several scoring chances.  Emily is the KE Reivers leading scorer this season with 15 points. Congratulations Emily!


Week ending February 1:

  • CTV Division 1: Alexie Siwak, CJS Olympiens, Forward # 44

Alexie Siwak led the Olympiens to a convincing 11-1 win over the Oak Park Raiders on Thursday with 5 game points.  Playing an extremely strong game, Alexie got on the score sheet each period, starting with 2 assists in the first period, 2 goals in the second, and completing an impressive game with another assist in the third. A leading scorer, Alexie has 23 points for the season. Congratulations Alexie! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Lily Sousa, SJR Eagles, Forward #9

Lily helped the Eagles achieve a massive 6-5 comeback win against the River East Kodiaks this week.  Down 4-0 late in the second period, Lily scored two goals in 10 seconds to complete a flurry of 3 Eagles goals in under a minute, pulling the Eagles within 1 goal of the Kodiaks going to intermission. Late in the third, Lily scored her second unassisted goal of the game to earn a hattrick.  Amazing performance Lily!   

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Erica Labarre, Murdoch MacKay Clansmen, Forward #11

Erica started the week off with a hattrick, earning the final goal at the 0.7 second mark of the third period to secure a hard-fought 4-3 victory for the Clansmen over the CPET Canadiennes. Erica followed up her early week success with a fourth powerplay goal on Thursday. Congratulations Erica!


Week ending January 25:

  • CTV Division 1: Genevieve Houghton, VMC Trojans, Forward #18 

Genevieve was a dominate force in the Trojans 6-1 victory over the Dakota Lancers on Friday, registering 1 goal and 2 assists for a 3-point afternoon.  Genevieve is a leading scorer for the Trojans with 17 points for the season. Congratulations Genevieve! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Madison Loewen, River East Kodiaks, Forward #10 

On Monday vs the JH Bruns Broncos, Madison appeared to be unstoppable scoring a hattrick in the Kodiaks 6-1 win including the lone power play goal.  Madison created many scoring chances, deking out the opposing team with her superb puck handling. Madison has 15 points for the season. Congratulations Madison! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Kiana Adolphe, Murdoch MacKay Clansmen, Forward #9 

Kiana single handedly propelled the Clansmen to a 2-1 win over the CPET Canadiennes Monday, scoring both goals including a breakaway goal in the second .  Kiana scored a breakaway goal early in the second and what would be the game winner half way through the third with a blistering shot over the goaltender’s glove hand. Congratulations Kiana!


Week ending January 18:

  • CTV Division 1: Jazmyn-Rae Desjarlais, Selkirk Royals, Forward #7 

During the Royals 4-3 win over the CJS Olympiens on Wednesday, Jazmyn-Rae started the scoring chance that led to the game winning goal with the secondary assist. On Friday, she added another two points to her season total with an assist on the game winning goal, and then scoring the insurance goal and then potting home the insurance goal to seal the Royals 4-2 win over the Dakota Lancers. Congratulations Jazmyn-Rae! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Madisen Scott, Lorette Scorpions, Defence #2 

Madisen returned to play this week after her recovery from a broken wrist and finger earlier in the season.  Playing as a forward for the first time, Madisen scored her first WWHSHL hattrick including the game winning goal. Her hard work significantly contributed to the Scorpions 5-1 victory over the CSLR Renards. Welcome back and congratulations Madisen! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3 - Courtney Cyrenne, Glenlawn Lions, Forward #8 

Courtney’s performance this week helped the Lions keep pace for the top spot in the standings. Courtney scored a goal and an assist in the Lions 6-2 win over the Murdoch MacKay Clansmen on Monday, and then added another assist in their 3-2 loss to the CPET Canadiennes on Friday for a total of 14 points for the season. Congratulations Courtney!


Week ending January 11:

  • CTV Division 1: Reese Chuback, St. Mary’s Flames, Forward #13

Reese had a monster week racking up 10 points in two games.  On Tuesday, Reese got 4 assists in the Flames dominating win over the Dakota Lancers.  On Wednesday, she played a part in 66% of the Flames points on the board with 5 assists and 1 goal in their 9-4 win over the PCI Saints.   Reese has 18 points for the season.  Congratulations Reese! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Abegael Glass, Garden City Gophers, Goalie #30

Abegael made 43 saves in the Gophers tight 3-2 win over the SJR Eagles on Friday. She was peppered with shots throughout the entire game and made several quality show-stopping saves, many in the final minutes to seal the Eagles win. Abegael currently has a save percentage of .90. Congratulations Abegael! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Rachel Haner, Springfield Sabres, Defence #10

Rachel, with 3 goals in two games, led the Sabres to two big wins and first rank in the Division this week. In the Sabres’ first game after the break on Wednesday, Rachel scored the tying goal in the 2-1 (OT) win over the CPET Canadiennes.  Then on Friday, Rachel scored the first goal and the game winner in their 4-0 win over the WKC Wolverines to wrap up the week. Congratulations Rachel!


*** Regular Season Break ***

Week ending December 21:

  • CTV Division 1: Jenna Emmons, VMC Trojans,  Forward  #10   

Jenna approached this week's game against the Sanford Sabres like every other; 100% committed to defeating them.   Jenna consistently back-checked, fore-checked and set up her teammates. She significantly contributed to the Trojans 5-2 win including an assist and the game winning goal.  Congratulations Jenna! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Hailey Ross, CSHC Huskies, Forward #22  

Hailey started and finished the Huskies game against the Beliveau Barracudas at full speed.  Her determination paid off as she scored 2 goals and 2 helpers in their 5-2 win.  Hailey, a leading scorer for the Huskies, inspires her teammates to play at their highest through action; skating hard and never stopping until she enters the players' bench. Congratulations Hailey! 

Hire Marketing Division 3:  Hayley Looker, Springfield Sabres, Forward #19

Hayley had a monster of a game as the Sabres took a bite out of the Glenlawn Lions in a battle of the top two division leaders on Tuesday this week.  Hayley scored a hat-trick; three hard working goals to secure the Sabres 4-1. Hayley is a leading scorer and team player, who thrives on giving her very best for her team.  Congratulations Hayley!


Week ending December 14:

  • CTV Division 1: Melayna Drozd, Sanford Sabres, Forward #16 

Melayna was outstanding this week, dominating the ice, causing turn overs and scoring chances. Monday, she carved her way around the PCI Saints to score 2 goals in a 5-2 victory. Thursday, she clipped Kelvin’s sails with a hatrick and another 5-2 win. Melayna is currently the Sabres leading scorer with 13 points (11 goals, 2 assists) in 10 games. Congratulations Melayna! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Paige Roddy, SJR Eagles, Forward #11

Paige was a significant force for the Eagles this week as a major contributor to their offensive game.  On Monday, Paige scored 2 assists and the game winning goal in the Eagles’ hard fought 3-2 victory over the Beliveau Barracudas. On Friday against the Lorette Scorpions, Paige stung them with 2 goals and 2 assists for a 7-1 victory. Paige is one of the Eagles top scorers with 25 points this season. Congratulations Paige! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Sydney Ouellet, Steinbach Sabres, Forward #18 

Sydney and the Sabres came alive this week with two wins against the KE Reivers both tight 2-1 scores. In game one Monday, Sydney worked hard in front of the net and in the corners fighting for the puck and was rewarded with both game goals. Although she didn’t score on Wednesday, she brought the same leadership and hard work ethic setting the stage for the win. Congratulations Sydney!   


Week ending December 7:

  • CTV Division 1: Brooklyn Olfert, Dakota Lancers, Forward #20 

In an edge of your seat game against the Oak Park Raiders, this Lancers star forward rose to the occasion, scoring a goal in regulation and then popping in the game winner at 1:38 in the fourth for a thrilling 3-2 OT victory. Brooklyn worked very hard every shift and was an inspiration to her team.  Congratulations Brooklyn. 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2:  Haillie Yewchyn,  JH Bruns Broncos, Goalie #20  

Haillie proved she is one of the premier goalies in the League this week stopping 37/38 shots in Broncos 2-1 win over the Garden City Gophers, then repeating her performance for a near win against the first ranked Miles Mac Buckeyes for a close 3-2 loss. Haillie made some highlight reel saves and kept her team in the game to the final whistle. Congratulations Haillie! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3:  Jaylene St-Laurent, CPET Canadiennes, Forward #21 

Jaylene started the week with an assist in the Canadiennes 3-1 win over the Steinbach Sabres, then turned on the jets Friday, scoring 1 goal and an assist in their 5-0 win over the WKC Wolverines. Jaylene worked hard both games, determined to help her team have a successful week. Bravo Jaylene!   


Week ending November 30:

  • CTV Division 1:  Martina Barclay, Kelvin Clippers, Forward #20           

Martina stormed over the Sanford Sabres on Monday with an impressive game performance. She was a dominant force end to end, leading the Clippers to a 5-1 win, scoring 2 goals and assisting in all three others. At week’s end, Martina is Clippers’ lead scorer with 12 points and ninth overall in the division. Congratulations Martina! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Emily Koop, River East Kodiaks, Forward #5 

Emily continued to do what she does best this week, working hard from start to final whistle during regular play, power play and penalty kill, digging in the corners and setting up scoring chances. Emily contributed to the Kodiaks 11-2 win over the JH Broncos on Monday, scoring 2 goals and adding 2 assists for a total of 4 points.  Emily is the Division Top Scorer with 27 points for the season.  Congratulations Emily! 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Jaylynn Miller, Steinbach Sabres, Goaltender #30

Jaylynn is an All-Star goaltender who comes to every game ready to play and help her team.  Despite facing tremendous pressure every shift, Jaylynn protects the Sabres net with focus, determination and resilience, stopping an impressive average of 44 shots per game. This week Jaylynn had an incredible performance, stopping 37 of 39 shots from the third-ranked Murdoch MacKay Clansmen on Monday for a tight 2-1 loss, and then stopping 36 of 38 shots from the first-ranked Glenlawn Lions on Friday for another tight 2-0 loss.  Keep up the great work Jaylynn! 


Week ending November 23:

  • CTV Division 1:  Natasha Rosset, PCI Saints, Forward #14  

In a hard-fought battle with the Dakota Lancers this week, Natasha was a force on the ice during regular shifts, on the power play and instrumental in the success of the penalty kill. Her efforts paid off during the final period when at the 3:07 mark of she scored to secure the Saints 3-2 victory.  Well done Natasha! 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Sophie Maitre, CSLR Renards, Forward #10

On Wednesday vs. the Garden City Gophers, Sophie came out fast and scored the first goal of the game in 53 seconds. Throughout the rest of the game, Sophie worked exceptionally hard, made smart plays and was a key factor in the Renards 3-1 win. Bravo Sophie!  

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Reghan Marsh, WKC Wolverines, Defence #22  

Reghan was instrumental in determining the Wolverines fate against the KE Reivers this week.  After two scoreless periods, the Reivers scored mid third period.  Regan refused to quit and was awarded the tying goal with 13 seconds left in the period, forcing overtime play. Determined to win, Regan then scored the game winner, securing the Wolverines 2-1 OT victory. Congratulations Reghan!


Week ending November 16:

  • CTV Division 1: Maia Ehmann, St. Mary’s Flames, Forward #8 

Maia fuelled a bright, 3-win week for the Flames by skating hard and aggressively fighting for and winning puck possession. Maia’s efforts earned her 3 goals in the Flames’ 6-2 victory over the Oak Park Raiders Tuesday, 3 assists in their 5-4 SO win over the VMC Trojans Wednesday, and 1 more goal in their 8-2 win over the Dakota Lancers Friday.  Maia earned a stellar 7 points for a total of 11 points this season. 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Chloe Litke, Beliveau Barracudas, Forward #11 

Chloe helped the Barracudas achieve two victories this week.  She scored 2 goals and an assist in their 8-2 win over the JH Bruns Broncos Monday and scored another goal in a tough 3-1 win over the Lorette Scorpions on Wednesday. Chloe’s forechecking and backchecking skills also contributed to creating good scoring chances for her teammates. Chloe earned 4 points this week for a total of 10 points this season.   

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Jaida Silvaggio, CPET Canadiennes, Forward #14 

Jaida, CPET’s power forward, scored 2 goals to help her team claim a 4-2 victory over the WKC Wolverines this week. She also worked tirelessly alongside her teammates for a repeat result Friday, however the Canadiennes lost a close 2-1 game to the Glenlawn Lions. Jaida never game up from the start of the game to the final whistle.  Jaida earned 2 points this week for a total of 7 points this season. Bravo Jaida! 


Week ending November 9:

  • CTV Division 1:  Norah Collins, CJS Olympiens, Forward # 10     

Norah helped the Olympiens win a big game against the reigning League Champion St. Mary’s Flames on Friday.  Norah factored in the first three Olympiens’ goals, scoring the game opener to set the pace and another in the second, plus one more off the stick of her older sister Brooke with just over a minute remaining in regulation time. Norah has earned 10 points this season. 

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Courtney Bayes, SJR Eagles, Forward #15 

Courtney dominated the week scoring 2 goals and a helper in the Eagles 5-3 win over the JH Bruns Broncos on Monday and scoring 4 goals and an assist in the Eagles 5-1 win over the Garden City Gophers on Friday. She worked very hard in the scrums finding her way to the net with the puck. Courtney has earned 9 points this season. 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Maddy Shelley, Glenlawn Lions, Forward #19    

Maddy worked extremely hard this week scoring a goal and an assist in the Lions 3-1 win over the Murdoch McKay Clansmen on Monday, and then out-working the opposition in the corners and in front of the net to help the Lions squeak past the West Kildonan Wolverines by a score of 2-1 on Friday. Maddy has earned 5 points this season.


Week ending November 2:

  • CTV Division 1: Kyleigh Johnson, Oak Park Raiders, Defence, #17  

Kyleigh was dominant in the Raiders 6-0 win over the Kelvin Clippers on Monday. She quarter backed game play from her defensive position, scoring 1 goal and adding an assist. Two days later, the Raiders lost a heart breaker to the PCI Saints by a score of 4-3 but Kyleigh was a great player, setting up plays, moving the puck down the ice and scoring another goal and an assist. Kyleigh has 9 points for the season.  

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Raegan Yewdall, CSHC Huskies, Forward,  #12 

Raegan was on fire in the Huskies 9-1 win over the JH Bruns Broncos Monday, scoring 5 goals and adding a helper. Her speed and puck skills made her a danger every time she touched the puck. The next day she helped the Huskies maintain their forward momentum for a 2-1 win over the Garden City Gophers. Raegan has 9 points for the season. 

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Boppy Kavanagh, KE Reivers, Forward #20 

Boppy had an incredible on ice performance this week, working hard in the corners and in front of the net to create scoring chances in every game.  Her efforts paid off on Wednesday when she got a hat-trick securing a 4-0 win for the Reivers over the Steinbach Sabres. Boppy has 6 points for the season.


Week ending October 26:

  • CTV Division 1: Gwen Bestland, Sanford Sabres, Forward #8

Gwen’s hard work and perseverance helped the Sabres defeat the Kelvin Clippers 5-2 this week. Gwen capitalized on two scoring chances with a short-handed goal early in the first period and then another goal in the second, earning her two points for the game and the season.

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2: Jersey Sexton, Lorette Scorpions, Forward #10

Jersey’s hot hand earned her a stellar 9 points this week while helping the Scorpions claim two victories. In their 7-3 win over the JH Bruns Broncos Monday, Jersey scored 4 goals and an assist, and the next day in their 5-1 win over the Garden City Gophers, she scored another 3 goals and an assist. Jersey has 11 points for the season.

  • Hire Marketing Division 3: Cierra Melnyk, Murdoch MacKay Clansmen, Forward #12

Cierra's helping hand led to 2 goals in the Clansmen’s 3-0 win over the KE Reivers on Monday, and then on Wednesday, through sheer determination and hustle, she scored the winning goal in their 2-0 win over the Steinbach Sabres. Cierra earned three points for the week and has 4 points this season.


Week ending October 19:

  • CTV Division 1:  Cienna Palmer, Selkirk Royals, Forward #14

Cienna started the season with a bang, scoring 5 points in the opening week. Cienna scored 2 goals in her team's 7-2 home opening game win against the PCI Saints on Tuesday and claimed another goal and 2 assists in their 6-2 win over the Sanford Sabres on Wednesday. Cienna clicked with her team mates, capitalizing on great behind the net feeds.

  • Winnipeg Free Press Division 2:  Kate Stewart, Miles Mac Buckeyes, Forward #7

Kate was instrumental in the Buckeyes' two victories this week; scoring 1 goal and 2 assists in their 4-1 win over the JH Bruns Broncos on Monday and scoring an impressive hat-trick in their 3-2 win over the Lorette Scorpions on Wednesday. Kate was dominant in all zones, working hard with positive results and 6 points to start the season.

  • Hire Marketing Division 3:  Janelle Darragh, Springfield Sabres, Forward #16

Janelle played a pivotal role in the Sabres three games wins opening week, earning 6 points this week. She scored 1 goal and 2 assists in the Sabres 5-3 win over the CPET Canadiennes, 2 assists in their 3-0 win over Murdoch MacKay Clansman, and the only goal in a hard-fought victory over the Glenlawn Lions. 



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